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What Kind of Man Do Thai Women looking for?

Thai Girls

It is a pleasure for us, to bring you a post like this. You can learn a little more about the kind of man that women in Thailand are looking for. All this based on information and anecdotes told by men who have gone through the wonderful experience to travel to this country, many of which have been satisfied in every way.

Thai Girls
Thai Girls

Although most of men who have had the opportunity to visit Thailand are convinced that this country could be considered as “Handsome” is not given as much importance. As incredible as it may seem; in this country, there is no pattern in the physical beauty of men, however for women it does exist, but they are only some very small aspects. It is impossible to generalize, but nevertheless, some of the key points that you can appreciate when you have been there for some time, but that are not as well known in other countries, could be the following:

-Your beard: Thai men do not usually have a beard until they become old in their entirety. However, in some cases there are exceptions, having a beard gives them the feeling of “Age”, which the women of this country do not try to disguise and they leave.

– Body odor: This is one of the aspects most considered by Thai women, or rather, by women around the world. An example of this is the use of showers in this country. In other countries, if you shower in the morning but not later (because you did not have time to do it in the afternoon) you can sleep like that without any problem. However in Thailand they see this as unpleasant, in this country they usually take showers 3 times a day, and even more. The most usual thing is that if you go out with a girl this will take care of you doing it without “embarrassing” you in public. This for many tourists is to be a fan of cleanliness, however in most cases they end up being fanatical of themselves and when they return to their homes, they cannot stop practicing this activity.

-Your outfit: This is something a bit difficult for many who have not had the opportunity to be in the company of a Thai girl. In this country, when people leave, however poor they may be, they usually wear their shirts very ironed and you will notice that. Nobody carries the typical quotes that foreigners use, this is something very observed by Thai girls. Without doubts, this leaves a lot to say about the culture of this country. On the other hand, we have the absence of a belly. It is very usual to see thin Thais. Although in other countries being fat is not a big deal, if you have “Bun pui” (Belly) they will tell you in a Thai way that maybe you are a joke. Nevertheless, in a well-structured way; body fat backing down exceedingly women is the same as we see everywhere, but in this country, the slimmest and stylish men still tend to have no belly.

Your smile: This is one of the qualities that most appeals to women worldwide. If we take into account that this country is called “The land of the smile”, we understand that these women tend to focus much more on men with this quality, for this quality can transmit mischief, incredible sensations without you noticing, in this country women are experts in drawing conclusions about your smile although they do not usually say it.

Thai Beauty
Thai Beauty

Most tourists who have visited this country often say that these women “Move for the money”, this is a country where prostitution is very common. Many of the women are looking for a foreigner to keep them. To work, they give those men the lifestyle that in their own judgment “They deserve.” In Thai culture, we can see that man pays for everything. However if you arrive to the west of this country you will notice that there are women who could help pay the expenses of a romantic date. In general, these women are willing to please the different desires of a man, as long as they pay for everything. They are experts in everything related to the home and sexual environment. However, many foreigners believe that it would not be ideal to form a family with a woman who is only interested in money.

If you visit this country, one of the things that you have to take into account is that these women are looking for money, not all but if in its vast majority. Thai women, like many other women, seek security in what you are and what you do as a man. These women are usually very happy, they try to make your life very simple, unless they get upset, if you get to make a mistake with any of these is better to take care of them because they always take revenge. In short, this is a country with wonderful women, who only seek economic stability, but if you are a foreigner eager to seek to be sexually pleased, this country is the one you should visit.

Women, culture, among other things. You will love it; you can find even a family as long as you know how to look. If you prove your trust in yourself, you can attract the girl you want from this country (for free men!). Taking into account that most of these women are beautiful at birth, I do not doubt that they come to you the mind certain confusions. The most sensible thing is to be careful with these women if you want to have a good stay in this country. Try some Thai girls and enjoy the pleasures of being happy. We will tell you about more histories and anecdotes about this weird but interesting country. Plan some vacations and be there any time of the year, maybe you find your lucky night.

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