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Tips to keep an appointment with a Filipina

Filipina Girl

Surely you are one of those who have traveled to the Philippines and have found the love of their lives in this beautiful country. However, you do not know how to keep an appointment with these beauties. It is very normal that this happens, because most of the people look for everything to be perfect on the first date, which is why we are looking for a future appointment. But to keep an appointment with these women, it is not necessary to make a greater effort to be yourself, I think that will give you more points than you think.

Filipina Girl
Filipina Girl

One of the fundamental tips to keep an almost perfect date with these beautiful women is representation. Each of the women of the world see something different in men, some see their physique, others see their mentality, while others only see the deal, and so on. Although generally they usually see “the appearance”, that is why it is important that you attend the appointment very well dressed, this gives a lot to say about you. A fundamental advice is to avoid being “casual” as much as possible, that is, wearing clothes such as sandals, t-shirts, or torn pants. In this country this can be seen as a really disrespectful gesture for some women, besides that you will look very different from what you said in your appointment, which may have the effect that it is removed before time, and it is something shameful.

You must be clean shaven and clean, cleaning will always be something important that characterizes people who have appointments every day. Be in the country you are, this will always be something that attracts women to you, even though some girls in this country seem attractive to the beautiful facial there is a large part of these who prefer a shaved and clean face. In a few words, what you must show is that you are careful with your figure, you feed and take good care of yourself, this is something that will give you more points.

Find things in common: The Filipinas are mostly very shy women. However, it is not until the time passes, swallow after swallow that communication improves, and that these usually open a little and reflect their feelings. It is necessary that you have one thing in common to be able to establish a connection between them, and the chemistry can flow, finding the things you have in common with them is not usually difficult, in a conversation, you will find many things such as hobbies in common, particular interest, places or favorite things, or whatever. This can be very helpful, because you could break the ice, and enter into a stable conversation with her.






Filipina Girl
Filipina Girl

The more points you have in common with the lady you will notice how she approaches and adjusts in the environment, you will notice how the barriers of the tension is broken and this opens to you. You could apply an extra effort at the end of that strategy, which will be very well rewarded after this happens, you will know that she will want to maintain a relationship with you if she insists on spending time with you. This is usually something that they usually reflect after the first appointment. In this step, it is important that you relax and do not force anything, that you be yourself, and try to give your best because this appointment comes out the best possible.

In this sense, we could continue with one of the most important steps, and that is to demonstrate that you have a life totally in order. Prove to a Filipina girl that you have your life in order, that you have a life plan, and that you work every day to achieve those goals. You can give yourself a few points. For any girl in this country this could represent a big change, girls from the Philippines usually expect men to be dominant, and have enough character to guide them in their lives. That is why it is important to show them that they can have a life as a couple, so that they do not ask themselves in what way can they guide my life if they can’t guide theirs?

This does not mean that you have to be a multimillionaire businessman with multiple mansions and cars, No! It simply shows that you have goals, what you would do to achieve the objectives set, that you have a positive life and that you are working hard to achieve those goals, and that you are able to keep your life in order while you work for it. That is why you must put fear aside and share what you really want, your purposes of life and everything else. With this it is almost certain that said woman will take you seriously, and could even help you to fulfill those goals.

Last but not least, being dominant can make a difference, as I mentioned before most Filipinas want a man to guide them, help them to mark the steps they walk, give them the security they need. This is so, since Filipino girls are usually raised in homes like this, in which the father is the head or leader of his family, and the main provider of this, being the main defender of the father, the mother, taking care of the children. children. So they grow up seeing their father’s domination at home. Generally, these girls seek to find the same characteristics in their life partner.

However, it is not only to be dominant, it is also very important that next to the domain you show confidence, being direct in the conversation that you manage to establish, confidence in yourself, in what you want, and in what you propose. This could be one of the most important steps, it is usually one of the first things that the Philippines usually fix, it is important that you do not wear a presumptuous attitude, but that you believe in yourself and that you can achieve what you set out to do. This type of characteristics will make you look attractive before the eyes of your Philippine appointment, being important that you take charge of the situations and that you lead the conversation, always remembering that you must be respectful, the courtesy and the respect are two really important factors for any girl from the Philippines.

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