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Filipinas of love and passion

Filipino Girl

It is public knowledge that the Philippines are some of the most sought after women in the world. Despite being a little shy, these women are often very hot, both in bed and day to day. Do not let your shyness fool you. These women have a great sense of culture, an excellent taste and very good education. Undoubtedly, there are some with an excellent body and it is worth doing all the efforts. Seducing a beautiful Filipina is not so different from seducing women from the rest of the world. However, this can be a bit forced if you do not know how these women think. Remember that there is a culture shock in this part of the world; their culture tends to be very different from the rest of the world. We will start by saying that seducing them must be an art for you. It is not only to make them go to your bed, the Philippines are usually full of love, passion, tend to be hot, and more those who are from the West, to find their weak point will require more than two appointments.

Filipino Girl
Filipino Girl

Filipina girls mostly believe in the search for “only one” without sex at the beginning, that is, they are not as easy as you think; maybe this is motivating for many men. The important thing in this, is that you are serious about who you will stay with. For them this is much frowned upon, leaving one day with another day with another. If you really want to maintain a relationship and that it happens to another level with a Filipina, you must show her that you are just her, and that you are not one of those men who are just looking for a night of fun. Nevertheless, if you just want hot sex without control, skip these details (LOL).

These women tend to be overprotective in terms of love, since thousands of tourists who only seek one-night sex usually pass through this country. In another sense it is very common to see working families in that country, a hard work of Filipino values ​​and culture make these women think of a working man as a life partner, and when I speak of a worker I do not only talk about working all the days. Do not! I speak in all the senses, that is, that you care about building a good future, that you notice that interest in making your environment pleasant for everyone, this is one of the ways to get a Filipina’s attention faster. Nevertheless, as I told you, if you are only looking for sex, you should go to a bar, ask for prices or attract some girl; drink and you will have very high chances of hitting the pot.

In the case of “compliments”, these can help you a lot if we talk seducing; but you have to know the correct way to say them. Otherwise, the girls can believe that they are sexual innuendos and will strike you as a candidate for the future.One of the first secrets that you will want to know is that the more you are interested in their culture, the more you will see them. That is, tradition, food, culture, knowing places and things like that. A tip, you can start by going to places rich in tradition and culture, it will make you earn a few points. These women are usually very connected to their culture; they tend to have a great respect for their history. So immerse yourself in this, you can make your contact with these women more intimate.

Concentrating on your personality will make a big difference. This point is very important, since these women do not like presumptuous men. Without a doubt, showing them that you can be humble without losing style will make you fall at your feet. The idea is to make her see you as a simple person and not hesitate to want something with you in the future, always remember that your goal is to achieve it. If your goal is something more sexual, more direct, just do this at the beginning, then continue in the search.

Avoid talking about past relationships if you do not want to spoil what you have achieved. If it asks you something like “How many girlfriends have you had?” You need to lie about the total number.If you are one of those men who have had thousands of brides. Filipinos usually look for a husband, beyond appointments, even though this is a small and insignificant appointment for you, for her it will be the ideal moment to analyze you and know if you have what she looks for in a man to maintain a long-term relationship.

Filipino Women
Filipino Women

One of the things that makes you crazy is that you talk about the future, what you want, how many children you want to have and your family plan as such.If you are one of those who has a bad tempered character, fussy, or with constant change of mood, you probably do not last long in these appointments. The Philippines are attracted to men, respectful, kind, and loving, you should not be so authoritarian, or at least be, but not in everything. That is, you should let them know that you can keep control of the conversation, but that she has the right to change it if she so wishes.

These women do not like to take the initiative, it is very important that you are the one who starts the conversation, that in this sense you take the baton. You can show your interest in her, by writing messages to her (without harassing her, of course) by calling her, organizing one or another appointment. These women love men who are direct, and who are not afraid to show their love for someone in public.We know that women in this part of the Philippines are often hot, but also sentimental. These can take the passion in all the senses, but only if you can influence your heart and make them see you with different eyes, it is necessary that you be as natural as possible. Do not let their shyness make you lose hope.

One last piece of advice is that you avoid being childish as much as possible. These beautiful women detest men who are childish and immature. Therefore, keep your character firmly, and your will make her see you as the leader of a possible relationship. If you are simple and attentive, you have a lot of won with the Filipinas, since they love men like that because they make them feel cared for and respected, empathy is the key to your possible success.These are just small tips that will help you win the heart of a beautiful Filipina. Remember that having an appointment does not mean you have your heart. Allow yourself to know you, just so you can see the passion they have in their entire being.

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